by Lavender

A lady who loves to read, reading is my safe haven. At my current age of 34 yrs old, I have collected over 300 + books. I feel like reading is not only knowledgeable, but they hold secrets to most things you wouldn’t know if it wasn’t for the book. I dream of buying a home soon, my future home library makes me excited just thinking about it. Reading books saved me as a child and till now, I grew up in a home where I had no voice, books kept me dreaming of what I could potentially accomplish one day.

I love to read non-fiction, self help and spiritual books, they’ve helped me so much with healing from past trauma. I finally got the courage to write my story as a Nigerian American, born in Texas to Christian couple in a book called “ Mangoes in the Rain” , in public we were a good christian family. My father a pastor would preach on Sundays but at home, my father would beat my mother and me. He called me a whore starting at the age of 12. When I went to Nigeria for the summer to visit in 2002, my father kept me there against my will not allowing me to return to America. As I laid in my bed crying my eyes out, I would read books and write daily. Once I escaped out of Nigeria 2 years later, I started to read about why people are who they are and how to become successful, I am excited to share books that helped me heal. I would like to continue to heal and tell my story through the books that saved me on my book blog. If anyone is going through pain past or present, I hope my blog helps you also:)